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It has recently come to my attention that something weird took place over the past few years. Back in the day, I used to blow most of my money on clothes (and to a lesser extent accessories). I recently also read Steven Pinker’s latest book The Better Angels of Our Nature, why do I mention this? Because it was full of graphs!

So, back in the day:

I spent most of my money as we can see here. Since then things have shifted greatly, and no, I have not made any payments on my loan. First off: transit became more expensive and frequent so the yellow slice grew. Secondly, I half gave up on purchasing clothes on account of having taken up a healthier lifestyle (yes, in tandem with fooding, it somehow works). For a bit my clothing purchases did go up, as seen here:

See that mild rise, but then a sharp fall? You would think “wow, she must be saving so much money!”…. nope, obviously that money got reallocated to…. TRAVEL! AND FOOD! That second one to a lesser extent, but still.

Look at that! Somewhere around 2008 my travel expenses shot up… and have been going up since! What gives you may ask? What gives is that me and fellow roommate Molly at the time had had enough of the stupid cold winter, jumped in her car… and drove down to North Carolina for some much needed warmth, sunshine and fresh air. The food did not go up as steeply at first because let’s just say, I lived on McDonald’s on the road and $5 pizzas at home (that’s like 2 days worth of food!). Only when last year did I really start into it with the food. But it went up earlier on account of road-trips and my near pathological need to acquire “American” candy & soda such as Cherry Coke Zero and Mallow Cups.

Predictions for the future: hitchhiking in out-of-fashion clothes 😉

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