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Mean Bao

I was never a fan of pork buns. Every time I have had them it was the same complaint: too much plain boring bun and too little meat. Turns out I was just ordering them from all the wrong places. Mean Bao was amazing! It is a good thing they were not open while I was at OCAD (they are located across the street) for I would be a tubster right now. For just under $15 we had a wonderful dinner for two. We ordered four buns (trying one of each, ignoring the vegetarian options) and a side of pork dumplings. The first bun I bit into was the brisket. I looked up at Brent as he bit into the pork  belly bun. We both exclaimed: it was amazing! We swapped halfway, and again: it’s amazing! Ditto for the chicken and the pulled pork. We were stuck, it was nearly impossible to rank them. They were all delicious. This has quickly become one of my new favourites in the city.

Mean Bao- pork buns


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