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The Dreaded *Sal-ad*


Of all the things in the world I hate, salad is way up there. I have yet to meet a salad that I enjoyed. Even fruit salad (why do they always put weird stuff like mangoes and pineapples and other gross fruit in there?!). I was dreading going to Fresh, newly voted best salad in the city. At least it is not as bad as the previous place, there were more menu options for non-salad-eaters like me.


There was no way I was going to commit to ordering a salad, it would be money wasted. I opted for the Indian dosas and stealing nibbles of Brent’s all-star salad. In all truthfulness, it was actually pretty good. But it was enormous. It was enough salad for at least three people. And I am happy to say there was very little in the way of lettuce and other gross greens. Just good ones with little leaves and some sweet potato and walnuts. It was an odd mix, but good. The dosas were better, by a long shot. But that is because I hate salad. Just look at the size of the salad below: giant.


The dreaded sal-ad:


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