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Best Butter Chicken

There is nothing like walking for half an hour after an intense bootcamp workout… in order to eat the best butter chicken in the city. We just so happened to take a route to St. Clair that took us up Bathurst. My eyes lit up, Dutch Dreams!! I insisted we stop at this ice cream parlour/Dutch store. I was desperate for (at the time) Speculoos cookies  . The previous week while I was in the States I lamented getting only the berry Oreos, leaving behind brownie-filled Chips Ahoy. Lo and behold, we found them at Dutch Dreams, along with lemon Oreos and stroopwaffel cookies. I was in heaven.


Pukka should be voted more than just best butter chicken. Yes, the butter chicken was amazing, with just the right amount of spicy. And yes the sauce on its own was also delicious (we ordered a basket of assorted naans solely for that purpose). The real star was the sweet potato samosas. They were unbelievably well made. Just the right amount of crispy without being teeth-breaking hard, the insides were not a giant mush and they were not sopping in grease.


It was nice to go out to a fancy restaurant to eat butter chicken. I so easily associate it with a buffet in the middle of the day, where I overeat and spend the rest of the day hating myself. This was a nice change of pace.




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Decadent Brownies

Our friends recently announced that they were engaged, we were going to celebrate for the weekend in Kitchener. Aha, the perfect excuse to whip out a recipe I had been wanting to try for a while now: Oreo brownies! Except, I was inspired at the last minute to make it a half batch. The other half would be Reese’s mini peanut butter cups brownies! It was a lot of fun crushing the Oreos, a great stress relief that I highly recommend. I did end up eating more than a few.


The peanut butter cup ones won out over the Oreos. The peanut butter cups added a little bit of saltiness to the brownies that was so good. The brownies were decadent, delicious and a fun mess to make. I used the Nestle Tollhouse recipe, as it is not fun to make stuff from a box.


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