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Breakfast For Dinner

Once again, a week later we found ourselves walking through Little Portugal as everyone celebrated another EuroCup win. I was still hurting from the previous week’s loss.We were on our way to The Lakeview, recently voted best late night breakfast. I was looking forward to having a good breakfast meal for dinner. Along the way however we made a pit stop at Bitondo’s, which at some point had been best pizza. Nostalgia washed over us and before I knew it I was watching Brent devour a slice of pizza the size of his head… this on our way to dinner at a place that has huge portion sizes.

I could not for the life of me find a mimosa on the menu, but what I got was way better. Heritage Cider by West Ave, with a tall glass of ice was just what I needed after that long walk in the heat. They had changed their menu since we last went. Brunch was now available all the time. Brent ordered a giant stack of pancakes but nothing on the mains list caught my eye. I ordered off the sides menu: a waffle and some maple sausages. Even still the portions were quite generous. The waffles hit the spot and were better than Starving Artist, alas they did not (nor will any ever?) hold a candle to the beauts I was eating in Belgium. I half-regretted getting the maple sausages, they were only ok. However that regret did not set int until later. As we were walking along College and reminiscing some more, I noticed Menchie’s. It was over 30C outside, hell yeah I was getting some frozen yogurt. About halfway through my dessert-topped dessert I was feeling regret. I was so full. Why did I get those sausages?! We still had a ways to go, as we were being rerouted at Bathurst and College due to construction, we had to walk half a block to get around it. Our night was not over.

Since we heard that Bar Volo would be closing we have made an effort to finish the night there every time we go out fooding. Staring at the giant chalkboard of beers and ciders it dawned on me: West Ave. brewery (cidery?) based in Hamilton is one of my new favourites. On the board was the Heritage cider I had at dinner. Turns out West Ave. made the cherry cider (cherriosity) I liked so much last time, or two times ago, who can remember? I was torn between the West Ave cider from a cask and the Revel Cardinal cider with citra hops and hibiscus. I went with the latter both because I was intrigued and because the West Ave cask was described as bittersweet. And I was way (way!) too full for a second round. Besides, I will no doubt be returning within a few days as the farewell tour continues.

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“Nothing Fancy Since 1967”

As soon as I read the above line on The Patrician Grills menu I knew I was in for a good breakfast, they were after all voted best greasy spoon (a phrase I do not understand, I was apprehensive about this at first, it sounded like a spoonful of runny eggs soaked in bacon fat).

My order was settled almost immediately, pancakes and coffee. Only Brent, inexplicably, beat me to the punch and ordered coffee. I stared at him quizzically and ordered no drink- I was certain that after one sip I would be drinking his coffee. Not even one sip, he slid it across the table to me and explained that it came with the dish he wanted to order, a fair enough explanation.


The diner has a really nice atmosphere and they were playing good music, the time flew by and our dishes arrived in no time. We had in front of us a feast of epic proportions: I had a plate piled high with pancakes, Brent had a plateful of eggs, bacon and hash browns. I had a bite of the bacon and hash browns: I usually hate hash browns and am not much of a bacon person… except apparently at The Patrician Grill. It was unbelievably delicious. I declined a bite of the sunny side-up eggs, I am still off eggs thanks to overdoing it with that giant fritatta the week before. The pancakes were light and fluffly, and most importantly: not dry. There was the slightest hint of vanilla, and I swear they were made with buttermilk. Needless to say, I polished off all but one (it’s not nice to not share one’s pancakes with others).


I wish The Patrician Grill was closer to my house, this could very well have been a weekly tradition: Saturday Morning Pancakes.


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Would You Like Some Insulin With That Lunch?

An old post from Jan. 22, 2012 that never got published:


Having had a rough couple of weeks, I insisted that this weeks fooding be comfort food as well as sweet & sugary. What a perfect solution: pancakes! Who doesn’t find comfort in a giant stack of warm fluffy pancakes (twice after morning plans did not pan out, Brent and I found ourselves in Ihop eating pancakes)? It seemed fitting to go out and eat the best pancakes in the city at Mitzi’s on College. Oatmeal pancakes at that.

First the good. It was nice to have the best of both worlds, oatmeal and a pancake! The apple mush onto was also a nice touch. It tasted pretty good, no complaints there. Except some parts did have a mildy burnt taste. And I did not care for it being soaked in syrup, I would’ve rather done that myself (with much less of it). And more apple! It was so good! Thanks to the syrup soaked nature, the pancake was rather soggy and that ruined the light & fluffiness of it. I did not care for the potatoes on the side, gross. Who wants that with their pancake? The only time those two go together is in potato pancakes.

I had a bite of Brent’s french toast as well. Not good. The egg mixture did not soak into the bread and kind of sat on top. It was almost like eating a fried egg on a piece of bread. I have had better pancakes and I have had better french toast. Or maybe it is just me? Maybe I like my pancakes simple, with just some fruit (on top of or inside, either way)?

Afterwards we headed to Bakerbots for some dessert. As if we had not had enough sugar already. The line at Bakerbots was to the door and we had to stand outside because the jerk at the end of the line would not make room for us. I was tempted to hit him with the door. Bakerbots has amazing ice cream sandwiches. You get to choose the type of cookie (I think there were about 5) and the ice cream (maybe 10 different ones?) and you can have a whole or a half. Which means you can have 4 different cookies and 2 different ice creams in total! If your pancreas can take that. As if that was not enough sugar, we also got some macarons. Sadly we could not eat them right away, being too full of ice cream sandwiches.  When I finally did eat them, meh. The macaron part was nowhere near as light as the ones I had from Nadege and there was too much cream filling, making it heavy. That does not really matter much, because those ice cream sandwiches, man alive! THEY WERE AMAZING. I had the ginger molasses cookie with sweet cream icing, it was heavenly. And the serving size? More than generous. I think the price for the ice cream is cheaper than getting a scoop at Ed’s with the same/more ice cream.


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Placki z Gruszkami

The best pancakes in the city recently got updated, the now defunct Mitzi’s got ousted by Saving Grace. And that is a good thing, I never really cared for Mitzi’s pancakes, too much mucking about with a good thing. I happily woke up early on a weekend to go stand in line for pancakes.

And we did just that, we stood there and had to listen while some girl droned on and on about her student loan problems. Once inside we thought we were safe. That is, until we sat down. We were sandwiched between two girls having a fight (one made fun of the other in front of her parents and it just went downhill from there with one threatening to leave and go abroad, thankfully we did not have to witness an awkward break-up) and the world’s most irritating man of all time. He was a comedian, which peaked my interest. My interest quickly waned as he continued talking. “I’m not saying I’m a superstar”, “I am very successful”, “I have travelled the world over”. He was so irritatingly full of himself that it almost made me regret our breakfast choice. They talked about women as if they were drawn to him like bees to a flower… yet he was somehow single and eating brunch with three other guys. His best line, to a friend: “She has a boyfriend, but she would totally leave him for you”. He also shared his views on the single women of New York City, that he had to fend them off.

Saving Grace’s saving grace was in fact their pancakes. It was worth sitting through all the awful chatter (even though I have one ear plugged, it was still unbearable). The pancakes were not your traditional giant flat round things with stuff atop them, oh no. They were Polish style! Like placki z jablkami (easily one of my favourite foods of all time) but with pears instead. The pear slice was baked into the pancake. They were a tad greasy, but that is part and parcel of placki. Best pancakes in the city, but not ever. That award still goes to that place in Quebec.


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