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Mean Bao

I was never a fan of pork buns. Every time I have had them it was the same complaint: too much plain boring bun and too little meat. Turns out I was just ordering them from all the wrong places. Mean Bao was amazing! It is a good thing they were not open while I was at OCAD (they are located across the street) for I would be a tubster right now. For just under $15 we had a wonderful dinner for two. We ordered four buns (trying one of each, ignoring the vegetarian options) and a side of pork dumplings. The first bun I bit into was the brisket. I looked up at Brent as he bit into the pork  belly bun. We both exclaimed: it was amazing! We swapped halfway, and again: it’s amazing! Ditto for the chicken and the pulled pork. We were stuck, it was nearly impossible to rank them. They were all delicious. This has quickly become one of my new favourites in the city.

Mean Bao- pork buns


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Crown Princess

After a few years, we finally found our way back to Crown Princess for best dim sum. We had to go on a Saturday because dim sum is in the afternoon (i.e.: during regular work hours). We were going to get there right when it opened at 11am, alas I was still asleep then. Someone, had not woken me up. It was a quick panicked rush of getting ready and out the door, hoping that there would still be a table available. We got lucky, there was still a free table (as we were leaving that was when the lunch rush arrived).

Crown Princess- best dim sum (1)

We ordered 5 dishes: scallop & shrimp dumplings, shrimp dumplings, pork buns, duck dumplings and chicken feet. We were served mystery buns with what we can only assume were veggies inside, they were not that good and it was confusing. One bite of chicken feet and I was very confused. I assumed you were supposed to eat the bones, they were not that hard- but they were not gelatinous, as they should be when prepared for eating. Brent googled it on his phone: turns out you are supposed to spit the bones out, very politely and discreetly. Oops. It was a weird dish, you were basically eating saucy, messy chicken skin. I was not a fan, but still glad I had tried it. Towards the end the food got to be too much. We had ordered too much seafood-y stuff and did not have a good enough spread. Some beef and/or noodles would have balanced it out a little better, the pork buns helped a little bit (they were good, but I prefer more meat and less bun).

Crown Princess- best dim sum (3)

It’s not very cravable food, wherein I will go back over and over again. It was good to try, just not my cup of tea. Although I did like the ever-flowing tea at the table.

Crown Princess- best dim sum (2)

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