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The Best Soup Ever

I recently came across a recipe for butternut squash soup and I could not resist. I had to make it that day. There was no waiting, it is gourd season!! I was a little weary after my last foray into autumn-themed cooking with the apple cider turned out to be a bit of a bust.

Project 49- food network butternut squash soup (1)

I was afraid I would break the bank with this one. Butternut squash sounds decadent and expensive, what rich people use in place of pumpkins. I could not have been more wrong. I had no idea butternut squashes were so cheap, I paid $2 for a rather large one. The recipe from the Foodnetwork, is very simple and straightforward. The only other ingredients were chicken stock, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Project 49- food network butternut squash soup (2)

The recipe is rated as intermediate level of difficulty, quickly glancing over I had no idea why this was so. I only understood once I got to the peel & chop part. Butternut squashes are hard, therefore cutting them is less than fun (unless of course you have a super crazy sharp knife). After a bit of a struggle I was done, and the counter-top was only slightly covered in squash innards and seeds.

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Project 49- food network butternut squash soup (5)

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My batch took a while longer to boil seeing as I have only one functioning burner on my stovetop, one of the small burners. I checked if the squash had been cooking long enough by smushing it with a spoon. I had to use a sieve to fish out the squash pieces, for some reason I had completely forgotten that I had a slotted spoon (in my defense I had never used it once). I also was worried that my blender might die, I had to blend the squash pieces in smaller batches. Then all I had to do was mix the puree back in with the stock, and voila! Soup!

Project 49- food network butternut squash soup (7)

I didn’t even wait for it to cool. As soon as I had seasoned it, I had a giant bowlful. It was heavenly, this has to be my favourite recipe of all time. So much so, that a week later now, I am down to one bowlful, and I have sitting on my counter another butternut squash. I will be eating butternut squash soup until the season ends. Maybe even later… can you freeze butternut squash?

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