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4X Best?

Dr. Laffa’s had been voted best of Toronto in four different categories: best hummus, best falafel, best kosher restaurant, and best shawarma and one other either best new or cheap eats from years past. How great would it be to cross all of those off the list in one go? It would make having to take the TTC there worth it. I was secretly worried that it would be closed yet again. Thankfully it was not closed.

The food was cheap and plentiful, we ended up taking over two tables with all of our food. Turns out I am not a huge fan of falafels on their own. In the past they were always buried within a wrap with a tonne of other toppings. We ordered the falafel hummus plate- it made total sense. Alas, the hummus also fell short of my expectations. The best hummus in Toronto is still at Anataloia’s. However the shawarma was outstanding. It totally beats out any of the other shawarma’s I have had in the past. Part of it was the wrap, we had the laffa option. It was stuffed to the brim with meat and so many different veggies (I heard someone saying eggplant). It was the equivalent of a burrito, in that it was bursting at the seams with fillings. Were it not for the hours and the distance, the shawarma would be my go-to for lazy days.



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