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Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Best peameal bacon sandwich was recently revoted, yet it is still within the confines of St. Lawrence Market. It leads one to wonder: do all the places in St. Lawrence Market source their peameal bacon from one hallowed butcher in the Market?? Does Carousel Bakery simply have better bread than Paddington’s Pump? I don’t know. It was so long ago that I last ate a peameal bacon at St. Lawrence Market that I do not for the life of me remember.

We got there right before closing, thank god it wasn’t one of those days when I am slow and sluggish and cannot seem to get myself together. I was starving when we got there. This sandwich was lunch and dinner. As soon as we placed our order we received our sandwiches. Turns out they know what is popular and  make a bunch in advance of people ordering them. They get major bonus points for the efficiency.


The sandwich was amazing! A good tasty bun, that was not cut completely in half thus maintaining structural integrity and ease of eating. There was no extra fluff in the sandwich. Just layers and layers of peameal bacon in all its salty and fatty glory. One recommendation if you go, do get a drink. I was dying halfway through, desperate for soda to counter the salty and fatty.

This is not an everyday sandwich. It is more of a once-in-a-while because-I-was-in-the-neighbourhood type of sandwich.


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