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Best Patio: AstroTurf

There is one giant list of best patio ______ (insert anything). One of those is the slightly obscure, very odd, AstroTurf. I cannot even think of that many patios, or even one, that have AstroTurf and yet it is on the list. The real kicker is we have been there before! Stout, voted best Sheppard’s pie was also voted best AstroTurf patio.

We went on a whim one Tuesday night. It was absolutely gorgeous out and the weather forecast called for rain the rest of the week. We had to go to a patio. Had to. Stout was the closest so by default we went there. Along the way we wondered what we would do if the patio was full. We had no back-up plan. Thankfully there was one table still free and no sooner did we get it, more people arrived in search of tables on the patio. The patio is small, but it delivers what is promised: AstroTurf beneath your feet and no roof over your head.

Given we had already tried the Sheppard’s pie last time, we split a plate of Irish (as opposed to regular) nachos to go with our drinks- no patio outing is complete without a drink. Initially I was going to order a fancy red cider. As soon as the guy gave us our menus I was about to order but he left. And thank God. Turns out the cider was $19/glass. Yeesh. Nothing else really caught my eye and I found myself having a Thornbury cider. Maybe one day when I am rich I will drink fancy ciders that cost an arm and a leg.

Irish nachos are made with kettle cooked chips instead of tortilla chips- and other than that, it was a delicious plate of nachos. Even though the chip to toppings ratio was off and we were left with a plate of onions, jalapenos and clumps of cheese. We finished our drinks before the nachos, which warranted a second round of drinks. In my case it was a glass of Fruli. My tastes have clearly matured as I found it too sweet. Soon we found ourselves with no food and only drinks left. Fearing an endless loop of finished drinks-no food-finished food-no drinks we headed back home.

And now it is raining until Saturday. Just awful.


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