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Halloween PRE-Weekend

next weekend we’re throwing a halloween bash. yesterday at Loblaws it was a "tax free event" which i, as usual, freaked out over. i claimed that we could save given how much we gotta buy for the party anyways [and i secretly wanted pumpkins before all the good ones were gone]. so we get there, and the pumpkins in the outermost cartons were complete and utter crap. there was even one rotten one. so me being the one with the semi-small, semi-flexible body, not afraid to make an ass of myself, i started climbing over the cartons to get to the inaccessible ones at the back. so there i am standing amidst a bunch of boxes as high as my hips, on wooden skids [that didn’t seem very stable], you could only see me from the waist up. so i start digging to the bottoms of the boxes, at which point all you could see was my butt sticking up in the air, every once in a while i would surface with the biggest, roundest, cleanest pumpkin i could find. then i would move on to the next box. 3 pumpkins later, our cart is full. so we bailed it for a bigger one.
inside the actual store: we were prepared this time. we had a list. but no pen. so it was hard to keep track. we ended up looking like crazies… as per usual i guess. on Mike’s insistence, we bought a lifetime’s supply of food coloring. apparently enough to make black says he. it was a nice Sunday afternoon, normal families were doing their weekly grocery shopping. and there we are, cart full of pumpkins, hotdogs, soda and food coloring as we run around the store giggling madly.
we later ended up going to Wal-Mart to pick up the deco half of supplies for the party. or so i thought. apparently this was an excuse to buy beanbag chairs. there were only enough beans for 2, and there were only 2 that matched the living room decor. convenient? nope. fast forward to me and Mike in the living room. pondering how to get the little foam beans INTO the empty "chair"[can it even be called that if it is empty?]… it was no easy task. the beans were all staticky and kept sticking to everything BUT the inside of the chair. slowly but surely we started getting more on the floor and eventually ourselves [there was a bit of a mini-foam-ball fight at one point] than into the chair. after about an hour of picking them off the carpet few by few, we finished. and didn’t even glance over at the second one. which still lays in front of me… mocking me…. *shakes fist*
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