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breakfast pyros

Mike was craving breakfast food so we were going to go out and eat. but then instead we decided to stay in and make a giant breakfast. but this consisted of a trip to Loblaws to pick up supplies. but cake mix was on sale so Mike ended up having buy one of each flavour…. 9 cake mixes in total. and somehow we ended up with a waffle maker in the cart. then we found some tuna samples and Mike asked the sample lady if she knew how to make waffle mix. and she told us the ingredients and also suggested pre-made stuff. then she actually left her post to take us to where she thought it was. it wasn’t there so she asked a Loblaws employee and then took us to it!! it was awesome.

the breakfast was awesome. we trashed the kitchen and gorged ourselves while watching Little Britain.

later that night there was one last piece of waffle left. so we soaked in Johnny Walker Red label and lit it on fire. it was awesome. it was like a molotov waffle. we got some nice blue flames.

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World’s WORST French Love Song

ok,. so the french are supposedly known as "romantics". well i have proof stating otherwise. while randomly hitting buttons on BlogSpot i think it was, me and Brent came across this blog. as he scrolled through an entry in french caught my eye [given that the rest of the blog is in a different language]. it was the lyrics to a french love song. so i started translating it as best i could, out loud to Brent. mostly just out of curiousity to see how much i remembered. there was one line that was "Ne te mouche pas dans ma robe" which translates to: don’t blow your nose in my dress"… the song had been pretty hokey and cheesey but that line, made me laugh so hard and we just couldn’t keep reading it.

and just for giggles and shits, i clicked on the link to have google translate the page to english for me. the translation is so off! they translate the nose blowing line instead as "don’t fly into my dress". but i think the key gem in the translation has got to be a tie: "you did more than smell" or "between cheese and dessert" or "as a helping revolver".

i will never seen french as romantic. i will only see it as Kleenex dresses. and i will never use google translations… unless i am in need of a good laugh.

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Best Story Ever:

somehow i got to random googling… which led to me clicking things… honest to God i’ve no idea how i got to this. one moment i am searching for "pretty picture" in google image search, next thing i know a giant pair of bright green lacey undies shows up IN THAT SEARCH. so of course i just HAD to click on it, for the url was "" or something of the sort. it gets better. the horrid green undies were under the category of "family products"
 which just had me in tears. meanwhile at the same time: Shakira was playing as Mike was testing the 3D component of 001 with a test game. so it was gunshots mixed into the Shakira song while i was laughing at bright green lacey FAMLY underwear on a chinagifts site.
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Lazy Sunday of the Squirrels

lazy sunday leads to: taxidermied squirrels.

ok, not exactly. i had been watching Scrubs season 4 a couple days ago. and it was an episode where the Janitor had an army of taxidermied squirrles [which was why he lost his taxidermy license]. anywhos, he had a giant army of them. this amused me to no ends. its still amusing me right now. i was writing about it to my organization, and it lead me to searching eBay for a taxidermied squirrel… which yielded me no results [something i am actually relieved about, for it would be a scary world to live in if i actually DID manage to find it]. eBay lead to google. which lead me to this: CLICK a squirrel flask. a taxidermied squirrel with a removable head, so you could drink from its neck [and you would HAVE to be drinking alcohol if you owned such a thing]. my theory is that this is a joke. it has to be.

this in turn led me to a really really weird site. where someone [apparently] has a pet tamed squirrel. which they then dress up and take really odd photos. see? i don’t know whether i should coo in amusement and cuteness or be afraid…? ok, its dressed as snow white. scary. definetely scary.

alas, tis not the scariest squirrel-related thing i found on my google page. i think this one takes the cake. taxidermy art. this person has a piece where a taxidermied squirrel posed hunched over a table with a mini squirrel-sized gun on the floor at its foot. a squirrel suicide. disturbing.

and now: an actual serious [?] article involving taxidermied squirrels?! can you really trust what the BBC science article is saying? taxidermied robot squirrels?

even Hallmark is in on the preserved squirrels: using them on their cards? "Monty the Squirrel – This taxidermied squirrel, placed
in unique and unexpected poses, delivers messages that often lead to
the idea of being overworked and underappreciated."

this is what happens when i have a lazy sunday all to myself with nothing to do and a connection to the internet 😉

on a semi-related/un-related note: i tried searching zombie squirrel. the results weren’t as amusing. the first one was actually just a really annoying zombie squirrel game. it sucked. sucked real bad.

i thought i was done. but then Mike said "taxidermy kit"…. so i googled it. and OMG. i am a tad scared. a squirrel mounting kit for only $19.95! "perfect for aspiring taxidermists."… *shudders*

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so i finally got my hands on the connectors that i needed in order to make the ethernet cables that i need in order to hook my Frankenstein of a computer up to the internet. but then i couldn’t find the universal tool… for the first time ever i actually needed it for its intended purpose [crimping ends]… and i couldn’t find it. i searched all three floors of the house. i sat down, ready to make the cables, gung-ho that i would finally have internet [given that the laptop power cable is dead…. i had been without internet for about a week then, 7 days too many, i truly was feeling like a hermit]. i followed the other end which had already been made, i got the colors in the right order… but i couldn’t get them in all the way. that was one failed end. a few more and i had it. they were in all the way. but alas when i plugged it in i got: nothing. i threw the cable and gave up. the next day my cable was checked and they had no idea what could be wrong with it, so they made a new one from scratch. meanwhile i sat in the kitchen still peeved, i ended up making little monters out of the cut off ends. day two: i sat down again  and tried to make the cables. this time i was doing even worse. i never managed to get them all the way to the end. and the most i got on the hub was a "limited connectivity"…. again i gave up. and i still refuse to go near the damn things.

the next day i woke up and i was still mad. i headed to the mall to pick up my prints. but while i was there i figured, i’m stressed and angry and i am not going to get anything done if i stay like this. therapeutic shopping!  satisfied with my purchase i headed for the door, but what did my gorgeous eyes behold? it was snowing!! [me and Mollie had JUST been complaining about the lack of snow/winter]. i turned on my heel and headed right back into the mall to buy a hat and scarf [for i had left mine at home on account of, as far as i was concerned winter was over]. icing on the cake? giant bag of Skittles.<3

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