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over the summer i acquired a plastic cow. in my Light & Studio class the assignment was to create a tabletop set up and shoot it using colour slide film and light it with tungsten lights. so rather than just toss a bunch of objects onto a piece of fabric for each and every lighting scenario, i took it upon my (bored) self to build a diorama of a plastic cow being abducted by a (tart tin) UFO and two plastic soldiers there to protect it while the other barnyard animals looked on. it came out awesome, i poked some holes in the background and then backlit it, check it out at my Flickr page.

so then i was just left with this plastic cow, sitting on my desk amongst all my other random things. that is until in Digital I this fall i was assigned a scanning assignment. one of the tasks was to use the scanner as a camera… time to dust off the plastic cow. so i set her up on some green and blue ribbons (pasture and blue sky)… and the two plastic soldiers still dutifully keeping watch (photo coming soon). and then the last one was to experiment: she spiralled into a psychotic(?) mess. (she was already feeling pressure from having to watch her uncle, Mr. Moo get batted around by a [comparatively] giant cat, Shrek [her favourite toy] photos again coming soon).

so if we look back: she was stuck (literally glued to my tissue paper grass) and almost abducted, then followed around by soldiers relentlessly and she had to helplessly watch her uncle (who for some reason is only a severed head) get attacked and she was blinded by the light inside the scanner (as was i given i had to keep the scanner lid open for the experimental one given i had to move stuff around) all of which led to her spiralling dissent into a bad state.

so now she is going to run away. and appropriately enough it is raining. and it is going to keep raining apparently until at least Sunday, and i need to get this done. yep, i am venturing into the last bit left: black and white photography. 36 shots of her exploring the city. i even found her a mini-umbrella to hide her from the rain.

you think that’s nuts? i was going to go down to Buffalo and instead the storyline was that she was searching for a husband (i was even going to make her a veil)… until i remembered i was after bull not buffalo. t’would have been nice to shoot in a new city instead of regurgitating the same subject matter and locales over and over. hence the subject matter switch to a plastic cow.

at least i am not making/buying her some plastic rain boots!

that is her all the way at the back. pay no attention to her clone in the front left… unless i bring in the clone?! no, too much.
also this is not the backlit studio version. this is just shot with my DSLR solely for documentary purposes. as if i would ever post my best shots πŸ˜‰ those are reserved for my portfolio!

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