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… and that’s the MOST cows i ever saw

i was invited for a cottage trip up to Kincardine, so of course i was all in. given that it sucks here right now.
and now because of the heat and drilling noises… i am too lazy to write up a legit tale of the goings on of that weekend, so instead, here are some highlights:
  • 1000+ cows
  • saw amish people, was nice to see them without having almost just run them over
  • town called Dorking
  • fitness place called Go Figure
  • piercing place called Through The Other Side
  • llama hiding out amongst the sheep on a farm; wouldn’t’ve known it was a llama had it not been for the long neck
  • downtown Kincardine is the ONLY place where you can see a chipmunk crossing the road…
  • Perdue Road in the middle of nowhere

this heat is just too much

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Stereotypical Friday

so it was Friday the 13th, but i thought nothing of it. we were going to go see The Happening that night, they were going to go off galavanting in a "haunted" cemetery aftwewards. but alas, twas not all that was planned for that day.
me and Lucy were doing pilates, as such, i was on the floor and had a better view of my fishbowl. Nightfox, who was sick [swollen throat and gills], was swimming around rather frantically. i didn’t think much of it. i just assumed he was in a hyper mood. and he swims around like that at least once a day. regardless, i was a bit afraid that he would pursue an escape attempt… and end up landing on me. so i semi-threatened him by saying i would throw in a battery if he didn’t stop thrashing around like that. i realized he couldn’t eat [and was thusly afraid he would starve to death before the medication kicked in] and maybe that was why he was pissy. i should also mention that the day before my sister was complaining about his name not being very fitting for a fish, so i replied that i would name the next one Smooshy. as we finished pilates, i noticed him give frantic swimming one more go, but then he sank to the bottom…. dead. i just watched my betta die. but in my defence, i did all i could, i gave him medication as soon as i saw he was sick. but of all the days? my fish died on Friday the 13th… almost like the people in The Happening. 1.) he couldn’t speak [ever, he is a fish, but also his gills and throat were swollen so much he couldn’t eat… and later breathe] 2.) he became disoriented 3.) he died.
later that night we head off to the theatre for the 10pm showing of The Happening. as the movie trivia stuff before the movie was playing, the lights went out and the emergency lights came on. over the loudspeaker we were told to remain in our seats. but then the emergency lights ALSO went out. the loudspeaker told us to get out pronto. we were suddenly stuck in a mass throng of people pushing and shoving, whilst confused, in pitch dark. not to mention no one would answer our questions on whether we would get a refund. the cops even showed up to make sure no one was looting.
they  convinced me to tag along to the cemetery. i went because of the inevitable Tim Hortons stop… for a new Strawberry Blossom donut. but when we got there, they didn’t have any. apparently it’s a really popular donut, and i STILL have yet to try it. when we got to the cemetery, i refused to get out of the car, mainly because it was pouring rain and cold. so i sat alone in the car, in a ditch in a dark cemetery in the middle of the night out in East Jesus Nowhere. i decided i would try to see of ghosts exist or not… this was obviously a fruitless endeavour. eventually they came back to the car. only the car wouldn’t start. even though the car had just been at the mechanic’s the previous day. they managed to flag someone down, who did have jumper cables and we got the car going. he was going the same way as us… but he never ever showed up on the road behind us…. i liked pointing that out because it amused me and gave my sisters a "semi-ghost" story to tell.
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i <3 American TV

in my busy days of channel-surfing, i usually end on the american channels, because when you are looking for trashy mindless TV, that’s the place to find it. that and re-runs of Degrassi. which is what i was watching. and at 2 in the afternoon, that is when the cheap commercials are on. lawyer commercials especially.
these two gems [from the same company i believe, or one company is blatanly ripping off the other’s commercial] from lawyers:
1.) a stop-smoking-aid…. that is now been found to be linked with suicide. so you take the aid to quit, in hopes of leading a healthier and longer life…. and it makes you commit suicide? irony.
2.) a pain path…. that they say has resulted in death in some cases. DEATH. instead of taking an apsirin or a T3 or whatever and instead, you stick on a patch [just because you can’t swallow?!]…. and end up DEAD. more irony.
i love American commercials.
3.) a debt-reduction law firm. they show one of their lawyers at his desk, working with a "client", papers sprawlec over the desk, the lawyer being all professional… the only thing missing? a computer. that’s right, the lawyers in this firm, in this day and age, WITHOUT computers?! i think the ad money would’ve been better spent on a PC.
4.) a self-help-DIY-guru selling his line of DVDs. ranging in topics. he tries to give you a good deal. one problem. HE IS ORANGE. do you really want to learn things from a guy who can’t even fake a tan? something so simple?
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The Foot

a conversation i had earlier today with Lucy that shows how truly diminished my communication skills have gotten since i went on a laziness vacation.
Lucy: eewww a bare foot touched me in gym class today!!! *shudder face*
Me: [thinking to myself]: a bear foot??
Me: [outloud] ahahaha. for a second i thought you meant a bear foot, as in a bear’s claw. and i thought to myself, "what is a bear doing in Lucy’s gym class?"
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someone pointed out:

that i have not posted in a long time. and there is a reason for that:

this just in: i don’t do anything all day. and i doubt you want to read about my not doing anything all day.


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