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Day 1

this is Day 1. i have decided to give up shopping. any money i get i am sticking in a stashbox in hopes that sometime before next fall i will have enough to go to New York City. and i am going alone if that is what it comes down to, because everyone so far sucks. so far this has not been easy. i hadn’t even been awake for a full hour and already almost ended up going to Sherway, where i’d inevitably end up in Aritzia searching for that damn teal shirt. and i know i would buy, given how many stores i’ve already been to looking for that damn shirt.
in short: i don’t know how long i am going to last not shopping. writing about it is certainly not helping. i thought it would keep me busy and distracted… but instead i want it more.
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an open letter to Tyra

Dear Tyra,
I would’ve emailed you but I am too lazy to look up your email address (I’ll do it later and copy and paste the below letter methinks). Thank you. Telling those teenagers that they are stupid made my day. I have been raving that these days teenagers are dumber than ever. And every new round of them is just dumber than the last. I also like how you called them dumb. Up until today I have been having a rotten week, and that not only cheered me up, it actually turned my luck around. Well barely, but it makes for a nice anecdote, eh? If I do go to NYC in Feb. I will come down and tell you all this in person. Come to think of it, your show always makes my day. Thank you. And also, kudos to you for bringing us the gem that is True Beauty. Never have I been so entertained by such feeble cat fights.
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now Brent is not the only person who is better than me at  basketball, a quick youtube search of "rats playing basketball" warranted a video of rats doing better at basketball than me. and cuter to boot.
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to whoever is stalking my e-friend and ended up stumbling across my page due to said stalkingness…. you are creeping me out.
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