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I have found heaven… stop looking

Heaven of course if you love food. And I do. I do I do I do. I say this because my first verbal reaction to this place was succinctly that I want to marry it. First though I made a face of sheer and utter joy somewhat akin to 😀 but even happier. What is this heavenly place I am raving about? A frozen yogurt shop on Yonge St. And while that may not sound like much, believe me, this place is amazing.I love Yogurt Spoon.

First of all this place is self-serve. You grab a (rather large I must say) cup and get to it. Fill it with whatever you want. They have 8-10 flavours (I can only name 8 off the top of my head). There are two flavours per machine, so you can dispense only one, or you have the option of “mix”, namely the two flavours swirled together. While I was there alas, raspberry was out of order. I had my heart set on raspberry and chocolate (albeit not swirled, two different machines). The cups are large enough that you can feasibly get a dollop of each flavour and TRY THEM ALL!

Hold on, it gets better. You thought 8-10 flavours that you can mix however you like (there is nothing wrong with a little swamp-water froyo). Turn around 180 degrees and there is a topping bar! There are fruits available but a lot more candy, and oddly something called “popping pomegranate” and two other “popping” flavours. I am not that adventurous, maybe next time. Topping-wise there is just as much choice. There is the usual sprinkles, chocolate chips and M&Ms, but they also have peanut butter chips and Reeses Pieces. Aside from peanut butter, there are also Oreo bits, Skor bits, waffle cone bits and rainbow marshmallows. Along with coconut, gummy bears AND CEREAL. They have Reese Puffs and (apparently, I only found out after the fact) Cap’n Crunch cereal! You could, in theory, created a monstrous aberration of a froyo dessert, something of a Frankenstein’s monster of frozen dessert.

Of course you will pay for the monstrosity dearly, not just at the waistline. You see, this place operates like a bulk food store. You pay by the ounce. The more gluttonous you are, the more broke you will be. Well, “broke”. This place is reasonably priced. Slightly cheaper than Cold Stone & Marble Slab (or Yogen Fruz? I don’t know, I’ve never been). Bonus points for having a loyalty card (although they didn’t need it, they have won my heart ten billion times over) that gives you 50% off at the 6th one you buy and $5 off at the 11th, as it would not make that much sense for them to give you one for free. I can just see myself now, leaving with a giant tower of frozen yogurt, teetering precariously, slowly melting while I yell at it to stop dripping on me, a delirious smile spreading across my face. Even without, I still had that smile as I dug into my dessert.

The peach was delicious, not too sweet, slightly tangy. The chocolate was also really good, just the right amount of rich. Alas, the green apple flavour was a little week and lacking that zing you expect with green apple. All in all though, this place is amazing and I wish I could live there. I would eat this stuff morning, noon and night. I do have to go back, I have to try raspberry and of course original flavours.

And as per those of you concerned about the wasitline. All the flavours, except for chocolate and cheesecake (which was also surprisingly delicious, but did not taste like cheesecake) are fat-free. There are two flavours that are also dairy-free. There are plenty of fruit toppings on offer as well, ranging from bananas to peaches to strawberries to… kiwis! Delicious.

It is no wonder that this place was voted best frozen yogurt in the city. Hell, it should be voted BEST THING IN THE CITY, PERIOD.

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