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I smell a rat… and its not my sister’s pet rats….

i had a suspicious phone call from my boyfriend the other day. his story was not adding up. there were inconsistencies. so i took it upon my bored self to investigate and let my imagination run wild. he kept claiming it was a "suprise"
after that phonecall and some TV, i donned my detectives hat (figuratively) and set about sleuthing. (i was going to find PMCEL’s giant magnifying glass and then bring it into the questioning and a pipe, twould’ve been hysterical, i even had a briefcase lined up too!) i deduced from that earlier phone call on Saturday that he was in an empty space (which at the time did raise an eyebrow, but i shrugged it off as his brother’s gf probably moving into a new place, it was never made clear). but then in light of the developing situation, i went back to that clue. this in context with what was divulged to me at our celebratory lunch about talks of condos in conjunction with him now having a stable job and money (as evidenced by his news of newly purhcased investments) all led me to the conclusion: that he was out condo-shopping. then it would’ve gone like this: *points finger* J’ACUSE!! but why? why leave me out? why label it a surprise (for it would’ve made the world’s worst surprise you see *puffs pipe* it just didn’t fully add up *blows smoke ring*….) but the surprise part was unsettling. was it just him covering his ass? ia lready knew he was searching for a condo. was the surprise going to be something like where the condo is located is the surprise? the interior of the condo is a surprise? was he going to pry me away from the lake and my family?! it was unsettling, so i surmised some more.
but then it trailed off because i fell asleep. then after that i came up with: *strokes chin* ah but of course! *taps pipe* this was a set up from the beginning. <insert flashback> you knew how bored i was, what with it being summer vacation and no one being around, you knew i needed to be kept occupied <evidence: the night of the blackout, how much fun it was to be scared and adventurous> so you planted some clues to make me suspicious, made up a fictitious storyline, even got people to play along. you purposely mixed up your story in order to arouse my suspicions, knowing that it would lead me on a wild goose chase, all the while keeping me occupied and not complaining about my boredom…. *puffs pipe* case closed *crosses arms satisfying*…. but wait!! *raises eyebrow* nothing is ever this simple… THIS was all a rouse to keep me from finding out what the ACTUAL surprise is isn’t it?!?….
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Dear Timmies:

i decided to write a letter to Tim Hortons, rather than on my blog, to the actual company. and now i am waiting for a reply.
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