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i have been appeased

it snowed. a good amount i ‘spose. i am content because it looked like a snowglobe last night. and this morning the snow was still there… not as ice. and it was crunchy beneath my feet. i even lay down in the snow yesterday, but that only lasted a few seconds because my ass was getting wet on account of my jacket didn’t cover it. wonderful.
and in other news: i didn’t even have to go on my hunger strike. my clementine cravings have (for now) been curbed. with real Moroccan clementines (although not Maroc ones, those are THE BEST). oddly enough, i even found clementines in Wal-Mart(!!) although they were from Spain, pfft. not as bad as ones from the US, as they are now called: crapmentines.
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i just got the most wonderousness news ever..

apparently according to a friend of mine in Morocco, there you can get 10 KGs of clementines for…. $2USD!!! but sadly i can’t afford to go to Morocco anytime soon. aroundabouts this time, its about $4K per person! but lucky for me. clementine season is from late Oct. to Feb. which brings me to this: why is it that they are only available in Dec/Jan.?! why must they deprive us of the sweet juicy goodness. and to my sister (whom i know is not reading this, but regardless): clementines are NOT oranges. ugh i want one so bad. i am considering even going on a hunger strike (or a modified one where i just eat less).
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message to the masses:

it is almost that time. as of tomorrow, after my little hunt mission, i will know for sure… it will be clementine season. i have yet to see any. but the signs are there. i have watched Home Alone 2, it is slowly (VERY slowly) starting to snow, and its cold. i had more reasons, but i forget. my mind has been all over the place and never in the right place these days. as i was saying. soon it will be time. *pats stomach* maybe i can beat my old record this year? but first, i will need to practice. and that will involve more clementines. so that is good. last year i managed to eat a whole crate, not all at once, but over the span of a few hours. somewhere in there i had a carton of chocolate milk too. ugh i sound like i ate a fat kid, again.
let us indulge in copious amounts of clementines *strokes chin*…. crate, after crate, after crate. but i warn you now, start small. work your way up to big. trust me, i learned that the hard way. citric acid hurts after a while. unless you have eaten as many clementines as i have. then its not such a bother anymore. come to think of it, i miss it. i want it back. come baaaaaaaaack to me!!

i wish this picture was real… *drools*
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and in other news:

a day in high heels is not worth it. over the weekend i washed my REALLY stinky shoes. therefore they were wet and i had to go to school in my black shoes (from when i had to wear a uniform to school >.<) and oww… it hurt. i now have a blister covering the whole of my heel (a new record), gross… and painful. but from all this i learned a lesson…s. 1.) whoever can manage to wear high heels on a daily basis (or regularly) i tip my hat to thee, and 2.) it is better to go out bearfoot (even though it was like 2 degrees) than to wear high heels… or just take a day off. never again. ever. not even to my wedding.
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