Life’s Goals

I will never ever call it my bucket list. That is not what it is. More of a to-do list. I cannot find the version that did not get transferred over here from MSN Spaces so I have only the hard copy to go by and things I say out loud and what I had last listed on and anything else really.

As I slowly make my way through the list, I will post about my accomplishments (and more likely than not, hilarious failures). You can follow it by the tag Life’s Goals

  1. Eat an entire lobster, in Maine (so far have only eaten half a lobster roll, in Maine so it half counts)
  2. See the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC
  3. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
  4. Get my G license (it was a stressful nightmare, i was called the “safest, most cautious driver” she had ever seen)
  5. Get my interpreting certification all done
  6. Southwest BBQ tour in the States
  7. Have an awesome six-pack
  8. Have my work published
  9. See the Grand Canyon
  10. Eat NY Fries in NYC
  11. See NYC
  12. Scream really loud without worrying who will hear me
  13. Visit the liquor serving drive-thru in Louisiana
  14. Dance the Charleston while eating a Charleston Chew in Charleston, SC
  15. Eat an NYC hotdog (it was not that good, I got ripped off, I call redo)
  16. Get another stamp in my passport (got new stamps in my new passport)
  17. Buy a house
  18. Cruise the Cruisin’ USA route (only done in parts so far)
  19. See the cherry-on-a-spoon statue in Minneapolis
  20. Go to Yosemite Valley
  21. Go to Yellowstone
  22. See the CA redwood forest
  23. See the Rockies
  24. Learn to bellydance
  25. Work because I like to, not because I have to
  26. Work as a (freelance) travel & food photo-journalist
  27. Eat seacucumber
  28. Eat a (rattlesnake) hot dog from Hot Doug’s in Chicago (has shut down, can’t, but did eat kangaroo hotdog)
  29. Win an award
  30. (Self) Publish a book of my work
  31. Pay off student debt
  32. Visit the Dr Pepper factory/museum
  33. Go back to the Cumberland Gap… with a raccoon hat
  34. Buy a cheesehead hat in Wisconsin
  35. Buy a cowboy hat in Alberta/Texas
  36. Buy stock in Dr Pepper
  37. See the Coney Island Mermaid Parade
  38. Stay in the treehouse resort in Ohio
  39. Eat a cannoli in Boston from Mike’s (best recommendation ever)
  40. Eat a boston cream pie in Boston, MA (ate the original one invented at Omni Parker Hotel)
  41. Eat at least one food featured on the show Man Vs. Food (have learned that even with two of us it’s a challenge)
  42. Eat Graeter’s ice cream (so worth it, despite melting soggy mess)
  43. See Mount Rushmore
  44. Go to Geyser Park
  45. Eat a deep-fried Mars bar in Scotland (have already done the at-home thing)
  46. Go to Australia & New Zealand
  47. Own a piece of land
  48. Build a 5-star tower in Sim Tower
  49. Beat Mario 1 (at least beat 8-3)
  50. Successfully dress up as a pirate
  51. Successfully dress up as a zombie pirate
  52. Make bank account hit $2000 (… of non-OSAP money)
  53. Buy a suit of armour
  54. Travel
  55. Get as many licenses as possible (so far: bartending, G2, interpreter certification)
  56. Go to cheese rolling festival somewhere in Europe
  57. Go on Paris subway tunnel tour
  58. Go on catacomb tour in France
  59. Learn to ride a unicycle
  60. Take one drumming lesson/go nuts on a set of drums
  61. Visit a real castle… in Europe (Casa Loma does not count, nor does the castle in Midland)
  62. Buy a light saber
  63. Go to New Orleans
  64. See all of Poland
  65. Visit as many Pauline Ave/St/Rd/Blvds as possible
  66. See the northern lights
  67. Learn Adobe Illustrator
  68. Visit a real ghost town
  69. See as many giant roadside things as possible
  70. Submit a photo/photos to the Canadian Contemporary Photographers Museum in Ottawa
  71. Find a giant hammock (as in can fit multiple people)
  72. Eat a foot-long hotdog
  73. Eat a deep-fried nanaimo bar (in Nanaimo BC no less, best one ever)
  74. Go on the Nanaimo Trail in Nanaimo BC
  75. Go up in a hot air balloon
  76. Print/make a “coffee table” book of my photos
  77. Go to Tatamagouche, NS to the train converted into a B&B
  78. See Jeff Koon’s “Puppy”
  79. See the LOVE statue in NYC
  80. Attend an evening auction at Christie’s or Sotheby’s
  81. Stand in all 4 states… run around in circles, lay down on it, general tomfoolery (smacked my head off the payment as i lay down on all 4)
  82. Eat boar meat (tasty)
  83. Eat at Big J’s diner in Idaho (from Napoleon Dynamite)
  84. Eat poutine where it was invented
  85. See Fallingwater (so far have seen the outside)
  86. See the Pinka River in Europe
  87. Go to the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague… and explore Prague while I am there, might as well
  88. Glue the pages of a book together and hollow out a secret compartment in it, way cooler than buying it premade
  89. React to something/someone as if I were in a soap opera
  90. Eat sea urchin (in sushi most likely)
  91. Buy an orange shirt, an orange shirt that is the right shade of orange
  92. Make stuff out of Altoids tins
  93. See Sculpture Garden in NJ
  94. Play Texas Hold ‘Em in Texas
  95. Explore the HighLine in NYC (need to go back after 2016 after Whitney addition finished)
  96. Buy all the kitchen gadetry my heart desires
  97. See the 26-foot tall Marilyn Monroe statue from Chicago (now in its new home, California)
  98. Eat from/photograph the McDonald’s on the toll bridge going into Chicago
  99. Go BACK to Las Vegas- drink from plastic cowboy boot
  100. Successfully cook something from Modernist Cuisine
  101. Make my own bath products
  102. Make bread without the use of yeast
  103. Make a series of handmade books featuring my photos from travels thus far and more as they amass
  104. Successfully bake/cook a Julia Child recipe
  105. Drive all of Route 66
  106. Finish my Masters degree
  107. Combine all my travel photos into a series of scrapbooks
  108. EAT AT MOTO IN CHICAGO!!! (don’t care that I have been to Chicago twice now, must eat!)

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