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Easily one of the best ideas PMCEL ever came up with. Last summer while in Florida we were sitting around eating strawberries one evening when we realized, to our horror, that we had not yet cracked open the giant jar of Nutella. That needed to be remedied fast. We justified our late night snack by spreading it on the strawberries, thus making it a “healthy” snack, as opposed to just eating it off the spoon.

Nutella and strawberries, better than fondue.


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Philanthropy Anyone?

I had an idea today for a charity. As always my idea is free for the taking because I have no idea where or how to start it, so have at it!

It would be called Cupcakes For Causes and every 2-3 weeks I would set up shop somewhere (say an office building or school lobby) and sell cupcakes and mini-cupcakes and all the money would go to a charity. The charity would be different each time, and I would ask local bakeries to donate a dozen or so cupcakes (being given full credit as benefactors of course). I would not reimburse myself for the cost of making the cupcakes either. That would be my donation. Eventually when it gets real big, I would have people running other outposts at other locations, same time same cause. And there would be information brochures and maybe even a representative from the charity being supported that day. Any leftover cupcakes would be taken to a nearby homeless shelter too.

I have noooo idea where to start.

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