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beef? oh i got beef alright:

this one is a two-parter, both unrelated. simply too lazy to make two seperate posts.

one: damn you Tim Hortons. you and your attempts to 1.) win me back and 2.) throw a wrench in my (pathetic?) attempt at a (semi-) healthy lifestyle. truly a new low. the M&Ms donut?! really?! with that delicious sugary cream that made me fall in love with the chocolte snowflake (the original, not the aforementioned imposter) in the first place? and chocolate icing to adhere the M&Ms to the donut?! all crushed up on top?! SHAPED LIKE A HOTDOG BUN/ECLAIR?! no fair. that is just mean. so very very mean. and i have yet to give in. but tomorrow’s trip to London (read: going with Mike to meet Rob while he is on shift at Tim Hortons aka my informant who first told me OF said donut) might prove challenging. might.

in other gross bad for you food news: that new KFC sandwich that has no bread: nasty-ass looking gross. eew. how anyone could possibly eat that? i have no idea. let alone eating KFC for that matter. gross.

and what an intro to my second part!

damn you Burger King. nasty gross disgusting food. and not even in that sinfully delicious way. nope. just nasty. years, i haven’t had BK in years! and today i was hungry and faced with three choices: 1.) have another Blizzard (keeping in mind i had already inhaled no less than an hour before) 2.) eat BK or 3.) forage for food and be forced to make something at Brent’s house (oh the humanity of having to make a pb&j sandwich! too much effort!!) i ate just a regular burger. as little gross as it gets. yet still. so gross. the bun was warm and mushy and almost damp? as if it had been soggy but then someone blow-dried it. and now i still feel gross. my stomach hurts and i had the urge to vomit just thinking about it earlier. gnarly.

you would think i would be sleeping this off. and yet… here i sit… barely blinking. damn you sugar from that Blizzard (and caffeine? it was cappucino flavour) and damn you Tetris high! and of course left over not-blinking from getting to level 11. easily. duh.

there was a cat story somewhere in there too. from a couple days ago, sometime around the nasty KFC sandwich finding out moment but i forget. there will for sure be more to come. not that this is going to turn into nothing but cat stories. i am not about to become THAT lady. heck, soon i will be posting about my trip to Chicago. for which i leave tomorrow. which is going to take away from my sleep tonight. how can i sleep knowing that soon i will be in London playing video games like old times? and the next day be going to White Castle? to Kalamazoo? to that twisty bridge that no one believes me about?!

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The Clone that wasn’t a clone at all

on Monday i was to meet Brent and his friends downtown for an afternoon lunch at Craft Burger (delicious). i was making my way south from Yorkdale which required transferring at St. George to get over to Yonge station. as i was walking down the platform i passed by a guy. a few seconds later i was like "hey wait a minute…. that guy kinda looked like Ryan!" but at this point a.) too much time had passed to go back and b.) i had made eye contact with a person in transit thus had to get the hell out of there lest they try to talk to me and also c.) i see clones of people all the time and everywhere, partly because i tend to recognize and categorize by patterns, even if that means sort of seeing something that isn’t necessarily exactly so. cases in point: Bily Idol Jr. from the subway, Ren from Footloose from the park, Amy Winehouse weirdo from apartment next door.

the flipside of the story: it was indeed Ryan. he was the subway with his (girl)friend who wanted to know what i looked like. he playfully pointed at raindom chicks saying "that’s her" and then i walked by and he was like "that’s her… hey wait, i think it actually is her!" but he wasn’t sure so he didn’t come talk to me.

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bow down to me

yep, i am THAT certain that i am in fact a true genius. two days ago i concocted a wonderously delicious dessert that goes as follows: ice cream (in my case i was eating heavenly hash, but i ‘spose it can really be any ice cream, except mint… or vanilla… or anything with caramel, gross) and then "sprinkle" (as in, heave) some peanut M&Ms on top of it. then instead of a spoon, use a KitKat (in my case, all i had were minis, still works) as a spoon. deliciously diabetic. i mean diabolic? delicious. lets just stick with delicious.
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Super Cute Cat Story

(one of many were i to write them all down/tell you)

Shrek, our beloved tabby who is in fact a girl but the name stuck, has caught a wild case of spring fever. for Easter my mom bought some hyacinths which just bloomed. Shrek is unable to resist them. the entire house smells of these flowers… partly because of her. you can smell her from a mile away. she keeps sticking her nose in the flowers (presumably to eat them?) and she just reeks of flower, too much, its choking. and the hyacinths are not the only ones. just yesterday my mom bought a new palm plant and put it on the windowsill. this morning as i was eating breakfast, i heard a loud crunchy munching noise from behind the kitchen curtains, i pull them back to find the cat playing lawnmower. cute. now if only she would have been so adamant about eating the big palm plant, especially when it buds and tries to kill me via allergies. not fun.

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