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hold me

Monday marks the first day of my airport… i am going to get so lost. as if i didn’t get lost enough trying to get to the jobfair itself. the story goes like this:
Me: how do i get to Terminal 3?
Lady who works at airport, looking at me like i am a total moron: you are in Terminal 3.
Me: how do i get to the Pyramind Conference Room?
the lady gives me the most complicated instructions so much so that i get lost and have to ask someone else.
then later on i got lost in the elevator because i had no idea which floor to get off on.
true story.
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wow, really… wow

just when i  thought i couldn’t possibly make more of an ass of myself. well, wow. you know those moments when you surpass what you think are your normal abilities? only in the case of making an ass of yourself, its really not that great? and then after it happens you think to yourself: well at least i maxed out my ass-making-of-self-potentials. but then one day out of the blue, you make an even bigger ass of yourself. does it ever end? or does it loop around? so, you make SUCH an ass of yourself that it loops around to the point where you are making such an ass of yourself that you are not? that you end up being suave (that is the closest i can think of to opposite of making an ass of yourself)? you know something along the lines of "you’re so wrong you’re right"?
have i just made an ass of myself with this ass-pondering?
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insanity runs rampant, local yokels toe gets stepped on

in my desperate need to find a half-decent photo of myself, i realized how unorganized i am online. where did all my good photos go?! i tried to go back to my old old website which years ago actually used to be a website, but now i found that one day last year in my desperate need for storage i tore it down and now its nothing more than a directory. except instead of photos of me, its photos of KoRn.
as i was saying yesterday, this site/thing seems to have just snowballed! to think, it all started 2 years ago with me being bored and having nothing to do on the internet until i read an article in the newspaper about (yes that is where this began). blogger was OK, but then i read in the paper about MSNspaces, and i jumped on board. i must say, i like it more. and it just kept growing into the huge monstrosity that it now is. albeit, back in the day i used to have readers and i used to post (half)decent movie reviews (maybe one of these days i will post a good one?)
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new years resolutions:

my resolutions:
  • pass my exam (which i just did like 1/2 hr ago! 100% woo!!)
  • stop dying my hair
  • no needless shopping

and i plan to stick to it.

on a side note: 6mths later, the McFries still have that one speck of mould on them. no change. >.< eew.


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