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They really come out of the woodwork…

It seems lately every time I am involved in activities at a certain academic institution (that shall remain nameless, but I can tell you this much: it’s surprisingly, not my school). The first such incident involved going on a trip to a farm and meeting some real characters. One told stories of drinking and biking and drinking and rollerblading. I can only imagine what that would look like. There were also some Finnish people who did not understand the concept of sarcasm. There was also the long-haired hippie walking about playing a guitar at intervals throughout the day.

The next week I found myself on said campus only to have yet another odd encounter. It was after a lecture and there was a reception and I was loading my plate high with cookies… i mean veggies… and my sister went to put a cookie on my plate but knocked another one off and i was like “aww come on!” and she was like “what are you doing?!” and some guy beside us snickered and she turns to him and says “I am sorry you had to see that” and he was like “yep, saw the whoooole thing!” and he laughed some more. Did I mention he had appeared out of nowhere? And we had no idea he was there til we heard him laugh? Yep.

Afterwards we found ourselves in the basement madly playing a green piano (that was just there, in the hallway, near some closets and vending machines). They were serenading me with a wonderful melody. Then some guy appeared ’round the corner and they stopped and I laughed and again my sister engaged with this fellow by saying “I am sorry you had to hear that, we will stop” (thinking we were in trouble). But the guy laughed and said, “no, no, continue your beautiful music” and they did continue… bashing the piano keys as they had been before. Weird. He also did not know how to use a cellphone camera. (see evidence below)

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Dear Microsoft,

IT’S OVER. Consider your sorry ass DUMPED. Well not all of you, just the gaming section. Your Xbox 360 slim console, you know the one where all the problems were to have been fixed? Worst gaming system ever! The first time I turned it on I got the E82 error, brand new out of the box and *blam* that’s what I get. What a nice way to start a relationship. Things only went downhill from there. When it DID manage to turn on without error, red and orange dots and lines would dance along my screen making it impossible to see, it was as if the xbox had a fever or was possessed. Maybe that’s just it. Every xbox is assembled in hell? Because it sure feels that way when trying to play it. Why did I not just send it in for repair you ask? Because there are times when it DOES turn on, and maybe 1% of the time no red discotheque. I was sure they would test out and deem me a liar. I would be the girl who cried wolf. But after spending 2 weeks trying to turn it on (so as to rescue my files, I have the 4gb console so there is no harddrive to remove, one of Microsoft’s “wonderful” solutions to my problem) and to no avail. I caved. Called Microsoft to try and get a refund, again to no avail. My phone (also a piece of shit, damn you Samsung, you also suck!) decided to inexplicably turn itself off. After registering it, I am now awaiting a shipping label so I can get the damn piece of shit fixed.

What next? I am going to sell that damn piece of shit. It is so not worth it, I really only play one game on it anyways.

Besides we all know that Little Big Planet is the best game ever.


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Private Eye

If you know me, you know my love affair with Cherry Coke. You also know of the subsequent heart break I suffered when they took my beloved away. Also my near-obsession with drinking it while I am in the States/having people visiting from the States bring me some. Alas, something great has happened.

As I was walking along Lakeshore I happened to notice a crushed Cherry Coke can in a parking lot. Immediately I started scanning the area, looking for a perp so to speak. I decided it must be Jac’s Milk, because I was just at 7Eleven the other day (woot! Throwback Pepsi is legally here!). Once I went in, what did my eyes behold? My wonderful lovely sugarry sweet beloved Cherry Coke (it was taken away because Canadians found it “too sweet”… which looking at the label of a small bottle, OMG 70g of sugar?!). I only wish they would bring me some Cherry Coke Zero instead? You could tell by the label it was brought up from the States.

In other news: I still have not won Rrroll Up. Dammit it all.

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