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last night i watched Eurotrip. it was so awesome, it put me in a really good mood. and i also had mass amounts of caffeine coasting through my blood stream. it turned into a huge giggle fit. Mike was IMing with Alex, he decided to let Alex in on the fun and started telling him what i was doing. but he made me sound crazy.
here is last night’s giggle fit as transcribed by Mike [all the stuff in "quotations" is me talking]:
[23:22:11] Alex McCarthy: hahaha
[23:23:43] Mike Desmond: "okay, fine, we’ll look up clubs…. if I remember how to spell… ope… wrong london…. ooh london camera club"
[23:24:01] Alex McCarthy: hahaha
[23:24:15] Mike Desmond: "my cord is wrapped around my leg hahahah"
[23:24:35] Mike Desmond: "I’m not crazy!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH"
[23:25:00] Mike Desmond: "NOO!OO! I WANT THIS NOWWW!"
[23:25:09] Alex McCarthy: hahaha
[23:25:14] Alex McCarthy: I hope these are real-time 😛
[23:25:16] Mike Desmond: "I was going crazy because you put tape on my tongue"
[23:25:20] Mike Desmond: (these are real time)
[23:25:21] Alex McCarthy: hahahahahaha
[23:25:25] Mike Desmond: "There’s tears in my eyes!"
[23:25:53] Mike Desmond: it got boring
[23:26:37] Alex McCarthy: put more tape on her 😛
[23:27:05] Mike Desmond: I copied it to her
[23:27:11] Mike Desmond: and she yelled "HEY! I GOT BORING!?!?!?"

AAAHHH!! fresh air!!!

so yesterday, for some really unGodly reason, Mike executed a massive search of the house for air fresheners. air fresheners that he had bought in MARCH, keep in mind it is now JULY. that is 4 months in between!!!

so last night Mike cracks open the first package. the air freshener [one of those standing ones with a fan inside]… is in pieces. so i take over and after realizing that i am supposed to remove the cap, assemble the damn thing. but then i notice that my fingers are all slippery, and they smell of air freshener!! and i mean smell REALLY strong. so i go wash them and later as i am eating my stew, i can still smell it and borderline taste it. at this point the entire first floor of the house reeks to the high heavens of air freshener "fresh air". at some point i put my hand up to my face… and next thing i know, my throat is burning and i can smell even more "fresh air" which lead to an insane coughing/giggle fit, so i leaned over to see what Mike was doing on the laptop. he starts coughing on the wave of "fresh air" that just hit him. i go wash my hands in an attempt to subdue the smell. he says that the keyboard now smells of it too.

a day later and: the smell has spread upstairs, mostly in Alex’s room. and i write this: i can still smell it. none of us have yet to venture into the bathroom where the air freshener now resides. the reason this whole debacle happened in the first place? because Mike noticed that the little [guest?] bathroom was kind of stale. but as he later learned and pointed out: that air freshener is meant for an entire office building, not a tiny bathroom!



the basement finishing is finally beginning. the supplies arrived today. they were all left on the driveway, in two giant piles. because to have the guy take it into the basement= $500. and no workout for us. bad. Mike was on his way home, but i was bored, and worried that it would rain or the neighbour would yell. so i set to carrying whatever i could down to the basement. all well and good… until we got to the drywall. Mike was home finally to help me. we attempted to lift the drywall and i ended up dropping my end. damn thing was too heavy. and i had to leave for work. when i came home, the driveway was clear. i rejoiced. no having to carry heavy drywall!!! that is until i got in and Mike asked me if i wanted to carry drywall. i looked at him with a blank stare. apparently him and Alex had only managed to carry them to the garage. there was a matter of the banister getting in the way of the drywall being taken to the basement.

Mike: want to remove a banister?
Pinka: *evil grin* of course
Mike: how?
Pinka: bash it
Mike; NO!

Pinka: saw it off with a knife?

Mike: no.
Pinka: well then how do we get it to the basement, it won’t fit!
Mike: *plays with tape measure*
Pinka: ooh we take out the basement window!! lower them in!
Alex: [sarcastically, unbeknownst to Pinka] yeah! we bash out the glass, then with a sledgehammer bash out the entire window frame
Pinka: YEAAAHHH!!!!!!!!
Mike: noooooo!!
Alex: stop trying to destroy things!! [at Pinka]

and after some deliberation, we sacrificed the already slightly destroyed [by me dropping it] piece to see if we could get it down by fitting part of it in the garage. after lots of grunting and shuffling… it worked. one piece down… 29 more to go. and then one was dropped on my big toe. i screamed in girly pain which made Mike laugh, just about dropping the drywall.  onto the next piece. *CRUSH* it got my other toe. ON THE SAME FOOT. they are currently still throbbing, but they don’t look any different. there are still 20 pieces in the garage. and Mike & Alex have both decided to stay late at work tomorrow. *grunt*


But the sink is wet!….

yesterday was Conny’s birthday. so me and Mike decided that we would make a cake. but during Sat.’s crazy shopping trip i forgot to buy one ingredient. so yesterday when Alex asked if anyone was going to join him for chair shopping i jumped at the chance. for my ass had not ass-tested anything in a while, since couch shopping actually. so i *wiggles ass*ed and agreed to embark on yet another trek to the mall, my millionth home [i have seriously lost track at this point, no joke]. Mike bailed out, so it was just me and Alex. the mall apparently doesn’t sell computer chairs… at all. except for a fancy store with ugly expensive chairs, but i doubt that even counts! somehow in the whole shin-dig, before we even got to Staples for the chair, i end up buying 2 DVDs [despite the fact that i am really not supposed to be spending ANY money whatsoever] and Alex ends up with 2 bagels. after much ass-testing and giggling, Alex decided on a chair. with an evil grin and a giggle i pointed out that he gets free delivery on it, and convinced him to go for it. i laughed some more at the thought of some poor guy having to deliver a chair… across the street!!! long story short they were out of stock. but its still getting delivered. then Alex pulled a Mike. we went in to Loblaws so i could get some evaporated milk for Conny’s cake, apparently we needed a shopping cart for that 😉 the free sample lady got us with her tasty sausages. and we ended up having to take the shopping cart through the gate in the fence. which finally answered the age old question that has been in my mind since the Zellers shopping cart incident of "can it even fit through the fence?" the answer is yes. yes it can.

in the kitchen me and Mike set to making the cake. i looked at the cake mix box, which the recipe called for, and freaked because it said eggs. the one thing no one had bought. i didn’t bother to check the recipe in the book, i just ran out the door cursing and swearing. ran there, ran back. out of breath, i go to the recipe to see where we start. turns out you don’t have to make the cake mix, you just pour it into the bowl and follow the book recipe. more swearing and cursing. then a few giggles.

the sausages kept squirting grease out and it looked like they were taking a piss. and it made the flames go really high. this kept us amused for quite some time. after the BBQ feast was had. we set our sights on the delicious German Chocolate Brownie Cake Concotion that filled the house with its irresistible scent. but we had to put icing on it. here i learned that icing and frosting are two different things, when i almost broke the icing squeezing tube. so we just smothered the whole top with chocolate frosting. but then we had to get the frosting out of the tube. so Alex turned it inside out… and it looked so wrong. looked like a turd. we couldn’t stop laughing. and every time we tried, it just got worse because Alex squeezed more frosting out. then there was a mini-frosting fight between me and Mike. when Conny cut the brownie cake, she divided it length-wise by three. Mike & Alex came to the conclusion that someone had to be eliminated. next thing i know they are holding me by my ankles and arms, wondering where to get rid of me. one of them suggested the sink. i shrieked "But the sink is wet!!!". they started laughing so hard they had to put me down to keep from dropping me.

NOTE: pics from now on can be found in my fb album. link is on the lefthand side column.

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