About Me

So what exactly goes on inside that (oh-so-pretty) head exactly? A look behind the curtain is needed.

Sometimes photography is not enough of a creative outlet for me. Sometimes I just want to complain (incessantly, repeatedly, for years on end). And sometimes, sometimes I just feel like shouting from my proverbial soapbox (really, how could a soapbox support me? I would crush it, it’s so small!). And of course, sometimes I just want to post links to things I want (it is hilarious looking back on it years later).

I don’t delete any of my posts. What you have here is a compendium of years and years of writing (and complaining… and venting). To be fair, it was not always good, there was a long period of time when it seems that basic grammar and sentence structure and syntax were all distant faraway concepts to me. As was spelling, it would seem. (Thankfully WordPress has this nifty feature where everything, and that is a lot, I mispell gets underlined in red and I can just right-click & correct it. Yes, I did misspell misspell.) Playing Scrabble has helped with that to a certain extent. In any case, this is an archive of my thoughts, rants, reviews, ponderings, yearnings, paranoid theories, questions, stories and yes, periodic bouts of philosophisizing (what my dad would accuse me of when I would end up talking too much and making up excuses to no end). It’s really a grab-bag.

Enjoy ♥


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