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Latenight Burger- What Could Go Wrong?

As soon as I heard that Burger Shack had been voted best late night burger I was worried. We had heard about it being a great crappy burger joint for years from a friend of ours. Now the day had come when we would see for ourselves.

I had exceedingly low hopes for this outing. I was expecting a crappy hole in the wall burger joint, where we would have to get our food to go because there would be no room to sit. I was wrong about the setting. They had many booths with fold down chairs, accented with fake plants and low-hanging ceiling lamps (we were warned by our friend not to bump our heads when getting up).

The burger managed to exceed my expectations of crappiness. At first I was thrilled. It had a great amount of cheese, worthy of being called a cheeseburger. Then I bit into it and that fell apart. It was god-awful horrible. I did manage to eat half of it, with every bite wondering if maybe it was not that bad? It was. It was bland and tasted worse than the most terrible cafeteria burger you can imagine.

Apache burger should be number one. This was the type of burger I had been expecting.

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