Rooftop Martini

03 Jul

Best martini had recently been updated, now it was found at the Park Hyatt hotel rooftop lounge. I was wary of it. How good could the view be? How can the martini be that much better? Turns out I would have to wait to see the view, the patio was full. I insisted we try and draw out our dinner as long as possible for a chance at the patio, plus this was a super ritzy-ditzy place that I did not feel like coming back to at all. I even made my dinner order complicated: club sandwich without the tomatoes or lettuce. I was given a sandwich that went like this: bread, ham, cheese, bread, sliced deli turkey breast, mayo, bread. One too many slices of bread in there. The fries were good, although I did not have any ketchup to dip them in, so I resorted to dipping them in the mayo I had been given on the side (good practice for my trip to Belgium I guess, it was not that gross).


We did not have to wait all that long before we had a sweet view from the patio. You could see almost all of Toronto, as there are less skyscrapers in the way (it is near University Ave). We could see the ROM (across the street) all the way to the lake, even Hart House at University of Toronto was visible. The one downside to the patio is all the fresh air means people are allowed to smoke… cigars. Blech. That and the sun was frying us, well mostly Brent. I had gotten the good seat for once, with my back to the sun.


The martini was indeed better. Mine had been diluted with orange juice and therefore I was not drinking a giant glass of straight alcohol, a million bonus points for that.




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