I Still Don’t Like The Name

08 Dec

I’ve never been a fan of the designation of “greasy spoon.” It just conjures up a terribly dirty restaurant with literally greasy spoons. That being said, the previous best greasy spoon, The Patrician Grill was awesome and I went into dinner at Gingerman Restaurant with similar expectations. Nothing fancy, just cheap delicious greasy breakfast food for dinner. At this point we have all but exhausted all the places within walking distance of us and have resorted to going to places that are near a subway station. This one happened to be all the way out by Victoria Park.

I was underwhelmed by Gingerman. Yes the food was plentiful, cheap and greasy but it was crappier than I had expected. I should have known better than to get grilled cheese. Why did I not go with my default go-to: pancakes. Or in this case the default would have shifted to french toast because Brent had the sampler which included pancakes. It was not even grilled cheese. It was grilled “cheese.” They used those terrible plastic squares that some people mistakenly refer to as cheese, The ham and bacon were top-notch though. I wish I had ordered the french toast.

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Posted by on December 8, 2017 in Fooding


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