Well That’s Not a Good Start

08 Dec

Propeller Coffee had recently been voted best coffee. The plan had been to go there, order some coffees and sandwiches after which I would head off to a work meeting. Easy. A nice Saturday plan. If only. When we got there and ordered, the barista went ahead and started making our drinks while the other person tried to cash us out. Alas, the machine was being finicky and not working. We had no cash. There was no sign, no warning when we had come in. Nothing. And they had started making our drinks. It was awkward city so we bailed. Even if we had gone to a nearby bank and gotten cash the drinks were already made so either we would be drinking lukewarm coffee or they would have to make them anew. Bad situation all around. I also had forgotten what time my meeting was at and had to rush to get there on time.

We rescued the day that evening though by going out for best jerk chicken. Allwyn’s Bakery was near Sheppard subway station. The directions we had were not clear at all. We ended up wandering around inside a really strange mall with long corridors and yet-to-be-leased shops. I was sure we would never find the place but then we turned a corner and lo and behold we found an entire food court.

The jerk chicken was amazing. Major props go to them for not having any sides. All I had was chicken. Delicious, well-seasoned, fall-off-the-bone, moist and tender juicy chicken.


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