Halloween Brunch Tradition

04 Nov

It has somehow become a tradition that Halloween weekend we head out early for brunch. Normally I would hate the idea of waking up at the ungodly hour of 7:30am, but for brunch maybe. A brunch from the people at Rose & Sons. Heck yes, sign me up! I was psyched for brunch at Swan, voted best new brunch 2015 (which is odd given the Swan has been on Queen West forever).

On the way we cut through Trinity Bellwoods Park and I finally saw the white squirrel, not that I cared, but it was a nice touch. I was worried, we were showing up half an hour after open. My worries were for nothing, the place was mostly empty. Somehow I did not take that as a sign. All I could think was: coffee.

I considered going with my default order: pancakes, but for some reason I went with the patty melt. I am still on my cheese kick I suppose. My clues not to get that dish were all around. A dinner menu on the wall listed Polish cheesecake, and one side option for brunch was kabanos. There was some Polish influence here… and Polish people do not make good burgers. By the second bite the bottom slice of bread had disintegrated from the grease and I took to hacking at the sandwich with my knife and fork. It was a messy affair. The best part was the cheese, then the bacon then the bread. The patty itself was bland. I gave up halfway through and just ate fries and the delicious pickle. The winner by far was the kabanos.

After brunch we went to Nadege, voted best cafe bakery. I was still hungry after brunch and in desperate need of more coffee. We split a “donut” which was really just rich cream covered in a caramel coating in the shape of a donut. The pumpkin spice macaron was maybe the best pumpkin thing I had ever tasted. The chocolate croissant made me swear out loud it was so good. Definitely the best chocolate croissant in the city, even if it was lacking in actually chocolate in the middle, it was so buttery and delicious.


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